Editorial Scene: Who will be singing with Skyhooks?

We’re all pretty excited to hear that Skyhooks are reforming for a one off show at the Palais next week.

From the Skyhooks Facebook page: RocKwiz lore has it that the identities of guest artists are kept secret until they step out from behind the red velvet curtain and while we like to maintain this particular tradition, sometimes there are guests that are so unusual, so special, that it feels unfair to withhold information from our dedicated fans … we’d hate you to miss out!

After Brian convinced Red Symons to appear on the panel at The Palais on Thursday October 8, talk turned to his other band mates joining him on stage to play. The only unresolved question … who would sing???

Our guesses are below:

Ross Wilson

He produced their early albums and he’s sung with them before. Will he come back for an encore?



Laura Davidson

Laura has the perfect voice and has been doing an admirable job as part of Bongo Starkey’s Skyhooks show. She’s denied it on Facebook, but is that just to put us off the scent?


Daryl Braithwaite 

There’s always been a traditional rivalry between Melbourne based Skyhooks and Sydney based Sherbet. Is it time for them to bury the hatchet?



Russell Morris

Russell’s really hot right now and has a new album coming out. Have the guys convinced him to do a couple of songs with them?




Norman Gunston

Well, he’s done it before…

Who do you think it’s going to be?


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