Gig Scene: Dave Faulkner & Brad Shepherd, Davey Lane – The Caravan Club, 10th Jan 2015

The Caravan Club was brimming with punters, many stuck in a long bar queue, here to  see an acoustic set from one half of the legendary Hoodoo Gurus: Dave Faulkner and Brad Shepherd. It’s pleasing to find a predominantly older demographic at a gig, despite a  few fifty something women screaming like teens.

Davey Lane kicks off the evening solo with an acoustic set, show casing his deft  handiwork across the fretboard. A daunting task for any performer, yet Lane pulls it off  seamlessly, with rock pop gems including “You’re the Cops I’m the Crime” and gains new  fans in the process, unaware of his musical pedigree.

Opening with “Another World,” Dave Faulkner and Brad Shepherd, soon veer away from  the set list and start taking audience requests. “Feel free to ask a question,” exclaims  Faulkner. “Can I have Brad’s plectrum?” screams out a hopeful female fan. “That doesn’t  sound like a question. That’s a demand. We never meet demands,” retorts Faulkner  without skipping a beat, to raucous laughter from the crowd. The mood is light and

Faulkner is giving us an insight to the songwriting process and bands who have influenced  songs. “I like songwriting and that’s why I’m here. They could’ve had someone far prettier  and easier to be around, but they were stuck with me,” confesses Faulkner.

Their first “plugged in” song is “Dig It Up,” inspired by seminal swamp rock band The  Cramps and performed with aplomb. Faulkner’s distinct clear vocals and Shepherd’s rock  stance endear them to the throng. It’s clear Faulkner and Shepherd share an on stage  chemistry, and camaraderie from playing together for so many years. Punters are jovial  and enjoying the rapport with Faulkner, who has revealed that he starts songs by writing  music first, and writes the lyrics last, as do 60% of musicians.

Drawing from a hefty back catalogue of albums, such as Stoneage Romeos, Mars Needs  Guitars, Blow Your Cool, Kinky, Magnum Cum Louder and Blue Cave, hits flow forth  freely; “Death Defying”, Waking Up Tired”, Zanzibar” “Bittersweet” and requests “Leilani”  “1000 Miles Away” and “I was a Kamikaze Pilot” please even the most diehard fans.  Uptempo “Miss Freelove ’69” show cases Shepherd’s frenetic, stellar guitar playing,  inciting some cheers from the audience.

Things turn up a notch when Ron Peno is dragged up on stage to perform an impromptu  version of “GodBless” with Faulkner on piano and Shepherd on guitar, which alone  could’ve been the perfect finale, but Faulkner and Shepherd come back for the encore  with “My Girl” and our namesake “What’s My Scene.” Culminating in an extraordinary  night, Dave Faulkner and Brad Shepherd, put on an unforgettable performance.

See Mary’s pics from the night.

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