Chef Scene: Don Fernando’s Mortadella sandwich

Fresh from their recent four week European Tour, bassist Ryan Kemp and guitarist Jonny Driver from local rock band Don Fernando, going strong since 2006, discuss their new album “Haunted by Humans” best described as “a crazy stoner rock three headed beast” by the band. They also show What’s My Scene how to make an impressive Mortadella Sandwich,  which they first devoured whilst on tour in San Paulo in Brazil. Check it out here:


400g Plain Mortadella
3-4 thick slices of Provolone cheese (about 150g cut approx 1 cm thick)
Dijon mustard
Crusty white bread roll


1. Slice your roll in 2 and spread some mustard on the top half. A generous amount will cut the fat from the meat nicely.

1. Separate mortadella into 4 stacks of about 100 grams each.

2. On a medium heat, fry the mortadella stacks on each side until lightly browned.

3. Layer the stacks onto the bottom half of the bread, folding in the sides of the mortadella a little if needed. A little overhang is good, it’s a messy sandwich.

4. With the pan off the stove and using the small amount of heat left in it, quickly fry the cheese on both sides. This will take 20 seconds at most providing the cheese is thick. You don’t want to melt it too much so that it’s all runny and hard to handle. Just enough to melt the outside. The heat from the mortadella will do the rest.

5. Place the cheese on top of the mortadella and put the top of the roll on.

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