Review Scene: EMINEM, MCG, 25th February 2019

February 26, 2019 Byron Boukouvalas

Marshall Mathers, EMINEM, touted as a Rap God, lived up to the hype and delivered a divine performance at Melbourne Cricket Ground last night, 25th February 2019, smashing concert attendance records with 80,708 fans at his RAPTURE show – albeit maybe that number included some parent chaperoning but by the end of the night, they too were fans. […]

Remembering Chris Wilson

January 18, 2019 Mandy Hall

Very sad day for us here. He was a talented and great man and also one of the nicest guys I ever got to play with and spend time with both on and off the stage. My heart goes out to Sarah and the boys and those who knew him best. Melbourne music and the world is down a good man today. […]

Review Scene: Jimmy Webb and Friends, Hamer Hall, 9th August 2018

August 15, 2018 Maryanne Window

Jimmy Webb is a living legend as one of the great songwriters of the modern era. The average Joe probably wouldn’t recognize him if they passed him on the street but if they heard a chorus of one of his songs, I’m sure the melodic recall would be instantaneous. A frequent visitor to our shores, Webb has built friendships within our music community and tonight’s show was all about the songs as interpreted by these friends. […]

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