Recap Scene: The Block Gatwick All In Recap

October 26, 2018 Rosemary Walton

Off the back of the Tempanyucki* station highlight of the terrace reveals, where we are also told by ShaynnaBlaze “St Kilda is filled with tattoo parlours” the teams are about to put their issues and pride aside for an all-in revealed by Scotty straight after the scores were tallied: […]

Recap Scene: The Block Gatwick Episode 36

October 5, 2018 Rosemary Walton

Challenge day and they’re all off on a helicopter to Phillip Island so they can fang around the Grand Prix track down there in some of the sponsor’s cars. Who’s going to be The Stig?

Up in the air Sara throws some shade at fellow flight attendant Courtney saying she wouldn’t understand the “high flying” of helicopter travel because she’s only an economy flight attendant. Gee whiz how to endear yourself to people. […]

Recap Scene: The Block Gatwick Episode 34

October 4, 2018 Rosemary Walton

Not sure what Jess is referring to in the opening with that statement, but I’m excited! And it’s terrace week. Home stretch.

All the contestants go through B&C’s winning guest room, and what a surprise Sara doesn’t like it. Into Jess and Norm’s room, thankfully I’m not alone but a few others are wondering why on earth there’s a hanging pot plant next to the bed – it would shit me to tears! […]

Recap Scene: The Block Gatwick Second Guest Room Reveals

October 3, 2018 Rosemary Walton

What a crazy week it’s been with two footy Grand Finals and a slew of public holidays it’s really hard to keep up. Plus! Channel 9 sent me out on a little field trip to see the magic of television making for a show that’s going to be in our lives and driving all of our gossipy work conversations come February. I’m super excited for that but back to The Gatwick. […]

Recap Scene: The Block Gatwick Episode 29

September 25, 2018 Rosemary Walton

Hang on are we going straight into judging? I’m confused… or is this just a general recap on Kerrie and Spence’s week? So it is a recap of Kerrie talking through how she’s not comfortable in knowing how to finish ‘Arty Farty’ St Kilda. Oh and there’s Scotty already. Double Oh the judges are there. Earlier than usual…? What does that mean? Someone’s going to lose it at the end of judging perhaps. […]

Recap Scene: Watch The BLOCK with Rosemary Walton – Episode 28

September 20, 2018 Mandy Hall

Last night it was dodgy accounting, or something, that Scotty harangued B&C over (they just said yep, whatevs, make it right and we’ll pay it) and by all accounts tonight Sara will be donning her dibber dobber nappies to try and take them down. And we’re in the middle of a cooking challenge, which is in the middle of Hallway/Laundry/Powder-room week, which is a short week because of the Friday public holiday. […]

Recap Scene: Watch The BLOCK with Rosemary Walton – Episode 26

September 17, 2018 Mandy Hall

Not sure if any of you caught the must-see-tv of A Current Affair between the News and The Block tonight but Jess was on it and they were talking about trolls and she read out some of the nasty correspondence she (and Norm) have been getting on Facebook and Twitter. Honestly horrific slurs on their character and appearance, plus we learn that Courtney has been receiving death threats over the pool. Jess, clearly does get affected by the words by real people, but she seems to have a great attitude to call it out and ultimately laugh it off. I’m (touch wood) pretty immune from the worst of the worst trolling and I love Social Media stay safe and be nice everyone! […]

Recap Scene: Watch The BLOCK with Rosemary Walton – Episode 25

September 16, 2018 Mandy Hall

There’s been a number of opportunities this week to take a gander at The Gatwick in all its completed glory (if you do a hashtag search or three on Instagram you’ll probably see more than you bargain for with some people uploading photos of stuff that hasn’t gone to air yet)… I took some sneaky snaps but mindful of where the show is at, I’ll only post a couple of little photos that don’t give anything away. […]

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