Snap Scene: Anna-Maria’s top 10 food photos of 2014

Anna-Maria Megalogenis shares her top ten photos of dishes eaten in Victoria and NSW in 2014.

1. Housemade gyoza dumplings-Little Ramen Bar, CBD
2. Tonkotsu tan tan ramen, Wabi Sabi Pop Up Ramen, Collingwood
3. Corn fritters, crispy bacon, avodcado, sweet chilli & sour cream – Parkdale Beach Cafe, Parkdale.
4. House smoked ocean trout with green beans, cherry tomorrow and curd salad- Seven Seeds, Carlton
5. Pra Hoy Dib -Khao Pla, Chatswood.
6. Mylo Cake- Zumbo Patisserie, Balmain.
7. Crispy, salted and spiced duck served with steamed plain bread- New Shanghai Emporium, CBD.
8.Juniper cured and seared Aylebury duck breast, eggplant, sheep’s milk yoghurt, hazelnuts & quinoa-The Dispensary, Bendigo.
9. Petit fours-The Dispensary, Bendigo.
10. Various beetroots, Highline Restaurant, Windsor.

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Anna-Maria has been writing for Street Press in Melbourne and Sydney for over 20 years. She is passionate about food, music and the arts, is an avid reader and used to hand write reviews for Beat Magazine at the Great Britain Hotel, where a patron once suggested she was ripping off articles in Rolling Stone magazine.

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