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Scene News: BOOGIE 2022 – FIRST ARTIST Announcement! And It’s FREAKING INCREDIBLE!

Ready? Of course you are. Hose out your mind, locate your tent pegs and pack your flannies; BOOGIE FESTIVAL is back on the farm, more fabulous than ever. It’ll be getting good weird in Tallarook, Victoria over the 2018 Easter weekend.

The now cult three-day extravaganza will revel and shimmy in the mid autumnal tones of a super (though not sickly) sweet line-up. What’s the go? One big stage, one wacky clubhouse, one hillbilly late night disco, one mysterious shearing shed, many bars, scrumptious and nourishing food outlets, Boogie bucks, and a bevy of like-minded splendid humans getting involved in the party of their lives! […]