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Snap Scene: Joe Bonamassa, State Theatre Sydney 20th September 2019

Joe Bonamassa is one of the most celebrated performing musicians of today. As a two-time GRAMMY-nominated artist who recently achieved his 21st #1 album on the Billboard Blues Chart, Redemption, Joe is only in his early 40s and has already become a living legend with an astounding multi-genre catalogue of music. Collectively, Bonamassa has over 30 albums to date with studio and live recordings, collaborative albums with blues sensation Beth Hart, and the adventurous side projects Black Country Communion and Rock Candy Funk Party. […]

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Literary Scene: Kim Volkman: For Those That Dance with the Skeleton – a book of short stories

How to begin writing about Kim Volkman’s second autobiographical publication other than to use a metaphor? Think of the mind like a mansion, and Volkman’s first book The Devil Won’t Take Charity as the entry way. Think then of the stories in For Those Who Dance with the Skeleton as the front windows. It is an unusual way to write about life experiences; the short story genre, but you will be amazed at just how well short stories work in this instance. […]

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Snap Scene: LA Dispute, 170 Russell, 12th September 2019

From their 2008 debut (in their current formation) Somewhere at the Bottom of the River Between Vega and Altair, to 2011’s Wildlife, to 2015’s Rooms of the House, LA Dispute have continually pushed themselves to find new ways to portray some of the most difficult and universally affecting subject matters and have developed a sound that, while constantly evolving, is unmistakably theirs. […]

Q&A Scene

Q&A Scene: Hayden Calnins

Hayden Calnin is back again stronger than ever with one purpose and one purpose only. To create music so warm and beautiful that you can’t help but imagine what it would be like if you quite your job, say fuck you to the world and ran into his arms, leaving all your problems behind. Warm With You is an invitation to do just that. He has nailed the vocals and harmonies and the simplistic yet high in the mix guitar and drums leave you daydreaming long after the song is finished. As the song reaches its second half it lifts in a way of pure euphoria creating tingles down the spines of listeners. […]

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Snap Scene: Straitjacket Fits, Corner Hotel 6th September 2019

Hailed in their day as “the greatest guitar band in the world” by UK rock weekly Melody Maker, Straitjacket Fits were international indie-rock titans in the late 80s / early 90s. Their back catalogue on renowned NZ label Flying Nun includes such indelible hits as ‘She Speeds’, ‘If I Were You’ and ‘Bad Note For A Heart’, three sublime studio albums and their flawless debut EP ‘Life in One Chord’. […]

Q&A Scene

Q&A Scene: Lontalius

Enigmatic NZ electronic artist Lontalius, also known as Eddie Johnston, has announced his glowing new single Swim, a comforting, honest track about accepting the ups and downs of life, out now. Swim is also accompanied by a stunning clip, made in collaboration with Phoebe Gittins and Arty Papageorgiou (Pacific Heights, Whim, Weird Together). The prolific young artist has also announced his new album, All I Have, set for release on October 4. […]

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Snap Scene: Palaye Royale, Corner Hotel, Melbourne 14th September 2019

Canadian fashion-rockers Palaye Royale performed at Melbourne’s Corner Hotel on Saturday 14 September 2019 on their first headlining tour of Australia. Comprising of the brothers Kropp – that’s Sebastian Danzig on guitar, Remington Leith on vocals, and Emerson Barrett on drums – along with their touring bassist and keyboardist, Palaye Royale treated the crowd to a reckless and entertaining live performance full of swagger, flair and sweat.