Star Scene: Adam Ackerman ~ SORORITY NOISE

September 29, 2017 Mary Boukouvalas

Adam Ackerman‘s scene is “over-enthusiastic poser rock”. Read our interview with Sorority Noise‘s guitarist/vocalist below and enjoy his candidness and humour. Who were your influences growing up? My parents are musicians, so I listened to a […]

Q&A Scene: Leeli

November 2, 2016 Mary Boukouvalas

Tell us about your new single release? Into the Dark is the first single from my EP Skeletons, It was recorded and produced with my mate Jordan Power in Byron Bay. This track was actually […]

Star Scene: Kim Wilde

October 19, 2016 Mary Boukouvalas

Kim Wilde’s scene is “hanging out” ~ in her garden. Not quite what you’d expect from such a talented and renowned pop icon, but as Wilde explains it’s about finding a balance: “My favourite place […]

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