Q&A Scene: Scott Darlow

November 11, 2016 Mary Boukouvalas

Tell us about your new single/ album/ tour? The album is called Sorry, and the single Im releasing is called Sorry. The album is 10 songs – 9 of which I wrote with Goanna classic […]

Q&A Scene: Clive Luca

June 15, 2016 Mary Boukouvalas

Tell us about your new Single? A guttural ramble about big dreams gone sour that still manages to groove along gleefully and sounds nothing like it’s namesake . What’s your favourite work at this point in time? […]

Star Scene: Ken Murdoch

June 13, 2016 Mary Boukouvalas

Ken Murdoch’s scene is one of contentment. The singer-songwriter and guitarist from legendary ‘70s Aussie rock band, TASTE, states that his scene is: “being incredibly happy with my band, my album and my life at […]

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