Q&A Scene: Jodi Phillis

October 16, 2018 Mary Boukouvalas

Tell us about your new album ‘Becoming’? I started writing the songs about 5 years ago with a view to making a modern day, hippy, spiritual album. It’s something that has been brewing in me […]

Q&A Scene: Ruby Boots

April 24, 2015 Mary Boukouvalas

 Q&A Tell us about your new single/ album/ tour? I released a couple of singles off the album earlier this year, the second one was “Wrap Me In A Fever”, it’s a song that I […]

Q&A Scene: Brat Farrar

April 13, 2015 Mary Boukouvalas

Q&A Tell us a little bit about your previous musical projects, why you began this one, and how you chose the name. As well as doing Brat Farrar, I’m still playing in Digger and The […]