Recipe Scene: Pretzel Tim Tam Rocky Road

The only rule about rocky road is that there are no rules. Well, maybe one – that lots of delicious things are held together by chocolate. Everyone has their favourite sort of rocky road, and this one contains all my favourite things – except nuts as I was sharing it with someone with a nut allergy. This version is made with milk chocolate but you can of course use whatever sort of chocolate you prefer. The measurements below are very loose, I just keep adding things until the mix looks about right. Enjoy experimenting.



300 grams cooking chocolate, melted

½ packet marshmallows, snipped into quarters with scissors

handful of soft red jubes, snipped

few handfuls of pretzels, roughly chopped

6 Tim Tams, roughly chopped



  1. Well this is a bit embarrassing, there’s only one step! Mix all ingredients together, pour into a tin and refrigerate til set. Then cut into the desired pieces.

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