Q&A Scene: Monique and Mike of Alien Knife Fight

Tell us about your new video.

Monique: It’s for a song I originally released 17 years ago with my Boston duo Bourbon Princess. We shot it with an iphone, at home. Mike did the editing. I did the coloration and visual effects.

Mike: It was a lot of fun compiling footage and mashing them togeather. I’m looking forward to making more videos. It’s almost as much fun as recording!


What’s your favourite work at this point in time? (your own or your group’s work)

Monique: My favorite is a song that hasn’t been released yet. Once I release music I tend to never listen to it again, because when I do I never like it as much as I did when I wrote it. So I have no favorites of what’s already out there.

Mike: My favorite recording is one of our latest songs called “Bleeding From The Trees”. I’m really proud of the mix and the way the song unfolds. It’s fairly epic and as usual, Mo’s lyrics paint interesting pictures while not being spacific. It allows everyone to hear and create their own narrative.


Tell us a quick, on the road or studio, anecdote.

Monique: I got nothing.


What, or who, inspires you?

Monique:The astronauts of The International Space Station.Anyone can learn how to play an instrument. Not everyone can handle a year in space. I believe if everyone had the opportunity to travel to space and see our planet from a distance, they’d wonder what all the fighting is about.I bet we’d treat each other with more kindness and empathy, because humanity is pretty small and insignificant in the universal sense.

Mike: Monique inspires me. Her back catalog and it’s diversity inspires me to be a better player and listen to music I would have never listened to.


Which song do you wish you wrote?

Monique: “Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth” by Sparks.

Mike: “The Black Page” By Frank Zappa.


How would you describe your sound in food form and why?

Monique: I don’t think I can. I have no idea.

Mike: I’d have to say an international buffet. I like the idea of feeling free to draw from all forms of music from anywhere in the world at any time. But like a buffet, you only have one plate so you have to be careful not to pile on too much. Always leave the table hungery. That’s the key.

What’s next for you?

Monique: Get to work on the new AKF record.

Mike: Yes, get this next record in the can. And make more videos!


What’s your scene?

Monique: I’ve never been a part of a scene. I’ve always been an outsider and a loner. Never cool enough to hang with any “scenesters” of any kind. My music has always been too stylistically eclectic to fit into any one genre, which, in turn, makes it that much harder to be a part of any particular scene.

Mike: My scene used to be heavy music. But I’ve always been into many different styles of music. If we do our job right, we’ll create our own new scene.



About Alien Knife Fight

Indie Art duo Alien Knife Fight may be best known for their punk tinged blues styling, and front-woman Monique Ortiz for her mastery of the bass guitar in all forms, but the intensely creative Texas pair’s aesthetics transcend both medium and genres, as is showcased in their newest music video for “Clocks”. The video, filmed entirely on an iPhone with artistic direction and editing by the couple themselves, was actually created as a vehicle for an earlier track of Ortiz under her previous project, Bourbon Princess, off of debut album Stopline. The original 1999 recording, paired with striking visuals, caught the attention of elite taste making site mxdwn, who enthusiastically premiered the video.

“The video, like many other productions from the band, was made in a completely do-it-yourself fashion on a cell phone. Despite the low-budget techniques used in making the video, the visuals are a stunning accompaniment to this slow, downtempo electronic track.” – Matt Matasci – mxdwn


“I always wanted to do a video for this song, and others in my back catalog, but never had the necessary technology or means until now. This is a song I’ve continued to perform over the years, in a variety of projects, and we’ll be resurrecting this and a few other Bourbon Princess songs for Alien Knife Fight’s next live set. Better late than never.” – Monique Ortiz

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