Q&A Scene: Evangeline for Dogapalooza

Tell us about your new single/album/tour?
I have spent this year performing and pumping my debut EP, ‘Atelophobia’, which has been crazy. Given that this is my first little release of music in a while, I didn’t really know what to expect but playing it live to people has been so liberating. This EP has been so close to my heart because every song was linked in some way. ‘Atelophobia’ is basically the fear of not being good enough so each of the songs I put together in the collection has a personal meaning of what builds that fear. The content is pretty dark but the music is relatively upbeat, so pretty fun to perform.

What’s your favourite work at this point in time?
To be honest I think my favourite piece is my EP as a package. I mean, I am proud of different songs for different reasons but the idea of the collection is my favourite. All the songs are linked lyrically and with their meaning so the purpose of the conceptual EP is really special to me.

Tell us a quick, on the road or studio, anecdote…
I wish I had a really ‘out there’ story but I am so boring as a human … There was that time I nearly missed my flight because my friend slept in. We had to get to Perth to play at a festival and my friend had to pick me up on the way to the airport and he had been joking about not picking me up for the last two week. I was waiting outside my apartment block at 5am for thirty minutes in the cold calling him being like “Dude I hate you ….. where are you ….this isn’t funny!” and he finally answered and was half asleep. He ended up driving straight to the airport and I had to go through a freak out that I was going to miss my plane because he was a dummy. I made it JUST in time … I also didn’t talk to him for a solid two hours.

What, or who, inspires you?
My music is very much inspired by people I love. When I am writing for myself it is very different compared to when I am writing for someone else. I don’t like to write about people though; it’s more like I am writing because of them. I usually can’t write about people that leave my life because the minute the love is gone I can’t get inspired by them. It’s a very personal thing and usually like a personal thing to whoever it’s about. I’m not very good at verbalising my feelings so this is the best place to channel that.

Which song do you wish you wrote?
Literally anything SIA has written has been pretty unbeatable really. That woman I mean, Elastic Heart? Pwoah. She is the perfect example of writing these dark, heart wrenching tracks that you don’t realise are sad until you are drunk on a dance floor belting the lyrics and being like… hey…

How would you describe your sound in food form and why?
Spicy either chicken or vegan/tofu ramen because my music does not discriminate and is comforting pop but somewhat edgy (that’s where the spice comes in).

What’s next for you?
At the moment I am working towards a single for early 2018 which is pretty crazy exciting. I feel like my music and the way I write is always evolving and the particular track I want to release has been a friend fave for a while! I am doing a lot of travelling for the rest of this year and planning to be in the studio every day of it. Next year will be the year I just release so much music out into the world.

What’s your scene?
It really depends on the day/weather. My scene as a general rule is pretty chilled; I love to hang out in Fitzroy Gardens a lot or my local bar which is really just a chilled venue where you can drink/play Daytona and Time Crisis II … Recently (don’t ask me how/why) I have made friends with heaps of random djs so I have been spending my weekends in various clubs … which is a very weird scene for me to be in.

About Dogapalooza

Oscars Law & One Little Indian Enterprises are very proud to pre- sent Dogapalooza, Melbourne’s first dog-friendly (and hands down most adorable) music festival, is back for its trilogy edition on Sun- day November 12th on the grassy noles of Richmond’s Burnley Park.
For those who are tighter than a Maltese top knot, sadly our Early Dog Tickets (the dirt cheap ones) have sold out. Our final general release and VIP tickets are now officially ON SALE. (We note, we do not sell tickets to dogs. Dogs are free, because they don’t have jobs or credit cards).

This adorable boutique festival is a quintessential ‘love fest’ of dogs (for dog own- ers and their dog coveting friends). After last years sold out attendances, increased production along with a bigger, better and faster stage fronted by RTR, more dog washing stations provided by Blue Wheelers and a Moon Dog Brewery Bar.

We are very pleased to announce the additions of Abbie Cardwell, Deborah Conway and DJ Mac Fleetwood (Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Rumors album, and paying tribute to our devine music overlord Stevie Nicks) to the Dogapalooza line-up. Alongside our existing down tempo electro closing bracket featuring the exceptional Evangeline and Triple J golden boy Lanks.

All proceeds raised at Dogapalooza go to Oscar’s Law, Melbourne’s dog rescue groups: Stafford Rescue Victoria, Greyhound Res- cue Victoria, Melbourne Animal Rescue and Puppy Tails Rescue.


We like to consider ourselves as the Robin Hoods of event management, bringing the best possible, while making sure we raise funds for our beneficaries”. Dogapalooza is a lay-about-in-the-sun and take-it-down-a- notch offering, behold the wonder as a thousand dogs make friends and influence people to a soundtrack of Melbourne’s finest artists and spring’s sun- shine. These furry inner city hipsters (and their owners) have access to top notch ethical
food offerings (including Dogapalooza’s Funky Pies in-house pie stall, trekked all the way from Bondi), Rice & Dice, Waffle and Shake, Jerry’s Vegiburgers, Moon Dog Brewery as well as the dog loving stalls of our beneficiary rescue groups and bespoke vendors including rock dog denim jackets by Pethaus, Dogsbody Massage, Found & Hound, Hunter & Hound, Frog Dog pop up photography studio and a doggo’s very own food truck Canine Wellness Kitchen.

Official limited edition merchandise is available on site, as well as the uber exciting inaugural Dogapalooza Awards with categories including “best inner city hipster” and “quiet achiever”, for those of you who want to establish a social hierarchy, amongst the other owners at the dog park.

Ample cheap parking at the Burnley Park Circus site, Madden Grove/ Swan St, Burnley, opposite the Dogapalooza, Burnley off leash Park. Second release tickets are $35 for adults, $20 for concession and $10 for children plus booking fee, and available through Oztix.com.au

Oscar’s Law & One Little Indian Enterprises presents DOGAPALOOZA

LAST TICKETS ON SALE NOW. For ticket info head to Oztix.

Event Date

Sunday 12 November, Burnley Park, Richmond
Featuring MC Walt Collins & Live Performances from Abbie Card-
well, Deborah Conway, DJ Mac Fleetwood, Evangeline and Lanks
11.00am – 5.00pm. Sponsored by Boxhill Institute, Swan Street Vet, Moon Dog
Brewery, RTR, the Suite Bus Company, Frog Dog Studios, and Blue Wheelers
Dog Wash.

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