Every month MEMO Music Hall will open it’s doors and windows and let you in for FREE!…. Free to waft in and waft out like the St Kilda sea breeze. Finding Memo is the brain child of JON VON GOES (Triple R), the bloke who bought you the Winnebago Lounge. There will be TOP SHELF BANDS, MARTY BOULTON’s CASSETTE CLUB, THE SUNDAY SOAPBOX, BURRITOS and COFFEE….Open all afternoon and into the evening. It’s what St Kilda has been weeping for. (Boo hoo)….Sorta like the Winnebago Lounge but crunchier! Expect the unexpected as JVG mixes it up in genre and style, adding an element of surprise to tantalize your musical taste buds!
….Band line-up to be announced soon, so stay tuned groovers!


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