Scene News: The Butterfly Club presents Mikelangelo & Anushka: SIBLINGS

February 9, 2018 Scene News

Sister and brother duo Mikelangelo and Anushka follow the path of their hidden songlines in this sublime and surreal family fable.

The two grew up with parents who encouraged creativity as a vital part of life. Alongside their elder brother Victor, they endlessly drew pictures, played music and made up stories and plays. As the siblings moved into their teenage years, they developed their own stage personas and a symbiotic performance style.  […]

Scene News: Grace Vanderwaal Releases Debut Album Just The Beginning

November 23, 2017 Scene News

Singer/songwriter Grace VanderWaal has officially released her debut album JUST THE BEGINNING. The album features her infectious single ‘Moonlight,’ beat-driven track ‘Sick of Being Told,’ uplifting song ‘So Much More Than This’ and the fast-paced ‘Escape My Mind,’ among others. Upon release, JUST THE BEGINNING landed itself into the iTunes Top 10 Albums Chart, a deserving feat for the young musician, and an admirable recognition for her early career. […]

Scene News: Billy Bragg releases new single, Why We Build The Wall

November 15, 2017 Scene News

Billy Bragg has released his new single Why We Build The Wall out now on Cooking Vinyl. Why We Build The Wall was written by American singer-songwriter Anais Mitchell as part of her 2010 ‘folk opera’ ‘Hadestown’ (a retelling of the myth of Orpheus & Eurydice set in the Great Depression). The song has taken on a whole new contemporary resonance with Donald Trump’s vow to build a wall between the US and Mexico. Billy first began covering the song on his 2016 Shine A Light tour with Joe Henry. Why We Build The Wall follows hot on the heels of Billy’s previous single releases King Tide And The Sunny Day Flood and The Sleep Of Reason, which were released in July and August respectively, and have gone down a storm on his recent live shows. […]

Scene News: Blooming Heck Melb album launch Workers Club 19 Nov

November 9, 2017 Scene News

Melbourne garage/pop outfit Blooming Heck sure know how to blend the perfect pop song, and listening to their stunning self-titled debut album you get the sense they are cunningly aware of all the vital ingredients. Combining a jangling sound, poptastic lyrics, a driving infectious beat, kaleidoscopic keys, and tambourine shimmery goodness the band are very excited to be launching their album at The Workers Club on 19th November. […]

Scene News: New album from Blood Blossoms

November 8, 2017 Scene News

The Auburn Girl is the sophomore effort from Sydney based group, Blood Blossoms. With a sonic range encompassing rock, grandiose orchestral pieces and acoustic ballads it is in stark contrast to the group’s debut album, Hymns From the Pit, while still containing some voyages into the shadowy territory that made that album such a caustic and despairing journey. […]

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