Star Scene: Kim Wilde

October 19, 2016 Mary Boukouvalas

Kim Wilde’s scene is “hanging out” ~ in her garden. Not quite what you’d expect from such a talented and renowned pop icon, but as Wilde explains it’s about finding a balance: “My favourite place […]

Star Scene: Anna Murphy

August 25, 2016 William Arnott

Anna Murphy’s scene is at the studio where she works as a sound engineer. The former vocalist and hurdy-gurdy player states: “I just spend days here and sleep here. I like having a room where I […]

Star Scene: Adam Franklin

June 22, 2016 Mary Boukouvalas

Adam Franklin’s scene involves full on immersion, whether in music, the cinema or in the water. The singer-songwriter of 90s shoegaze indie group, Swervedriver, states: “My scene is cinema and swimming. I like going to […]

Star Scene: Ken Murdoch

June 13, 2016 Mary Boukouvalas

Ken Murdoch’s scene is one of contentment. The singer-songwriter and guitarist from legendary ‘70s Aussie rock band, TASTE, states that his scene is: “being incredibly happy with my band, my album and my life at […]

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