Q&A Scene: YoWo Music

November 22, 2018 Mary Boukouvalas

Answered by YoWo participant Lucinda Moje-O’Brien Tell us about your new album! Work Like That is whole bunch of collected works from a lovely little group of gals and GNC teens called YoWo. YoWo is an initiative that aims to […]

Q&A Scene: TAMMA

November 20, 2018 Mary Boukouvalas

Tell us about your new single/ album/ tour? Beat You Down was written in the cottage in the Bush in Victoria, I wanted to write an upbeat summer jam that people could blast in the […]

Q&A Scene: Egoism

November 15, 2018 Scene News

“I wrote this song as a bit of a fuck you to the people who never say sorry for their own mistakes, but then always demand an apology, even if I’m the one who was hurt the most. Easily the most empowering song we’ve ever written ha-ha. We were really going for a The Veronicas meets Slowdive kind of vibe, essentially blending the music of our childhood with the music of our teenage years.”
– Scout Eastment (vocals/guitar) […]

Q&A Scene: Ms. 45

November 1, 2018 Mary Boukouvalas

Tell us about your new EP ‘Neuromancer’? We conceived it as a soundtrack to an imaginary world in its dying phase. A solitary walk through collapsed buildings and empty streets. Heaps of synth and heaps […]

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