Recipe Scene: Apricot Rough Slice

November 15, 2017 Kate Delbridge

I love using dried fruit in slices, and apricots are one of my favourites. This slice is really great, and has converted several people who believed that they hated dried apricots. I’ve also made a cherry ripe version using glace cherries, but this is my favourite. It also freezes well – I often make two slices, and freeze the second one, cut into bars, so I can grab a couple of pieces out as required. […]

Recipe Scene: Nutella Bread and Butter Pudding

November 1, 2017 Kate Delbridge

I love bread and butter puddings. Not only are they really quick to make, they taste just delicious. It doesn’t matter how messy the sandwiches are, because it’s all going to be covered with delicious custard anyway. I’ve used Nutella in this one, but if you want you can use butter, and add sultanas. […]

Recipe Scene: Pretzel Tim Tam Rocky Road

October 25, 2017 Kate Delbridge

The only rule about rocky road is that there are no rules. Well, maybe one – that lots of delicious things are held together by chocolate. Everyone has their favourite sort of rocky road, and this one contains all my favourite things – except nuts as I was sharing it with someone with a nut allergy. […]

Recipe Scene: Lemon Yoghurt Drizzle Cake

October 18, 2017 Kate Delbridge

I love the combination of citrus and yoghurt in a cake. When this cake has the lemon drizzle poured over it it looks great, especially of prepared in a bundt tin. If using a bundt just be careful to grease vey generously and then dust with flour as this will help the cake come out. If it does stick – and it does happen – a good way to get it out is to cover the top of the tin with foil and place in the kitchen sink. […]

Recipe Scene: Peanut Butter Chocolate Cheesecake

October 11, 2017 Kate Delbridge

This delicious recipe is slightly adapted from Nigella’s Kitchen cookbook. By all means have a go at making hers, but I like this one a little better because the base is a bit simpler, I don’t think you need the extra 3 egg yolks in the filling and instead of having a sour cream topping I poke chopped up peanut butter Oreo’s into the batter. But whatever works for you. […]

Recipe Scene: Pineapple Upside Down Cake

October 4, 2017 Kate Delbridge

I think most people love an upside down cake, despite the slightly daggy 70’s association. Sweet fruit in a sticky caramel glaze atop a fluffy butter cake – yum. You can decorate this however you like – just the pineapple, or you can add glace cherries and angelica for the authentic look. You can also replace the pineapple with fresh or tinned pears, peaches or other stone fruit. […]

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