Recipe Scene: Flourless Cashew and Chocolate Cake

October 17, 2018 Kate Delbridge

This cake is a cracker – really easy to make, works every time, and I’m yet to meet someone who didn’t love it. You can use any type of ground nutmeal, though I think cashews work really well. Other nuts that are delicious are hazelnuts, pistachio or macadamia. This is another ever-reliable Women’s Weekly recipe, copied almost word for word from their big yellow Bake cookbook. To get a great chocoaltely flavor I always use Dutch pressed cocoa – you can use any cocoa, but the Dutch really does have the best flavor, and makes for a darker, richer cake. […]

Recipe Scene: Blueberry Scrolls

October 10, 2018 Kate Delbridge

Who doesn’t love a sweet fresh scroll, warm from the oven. Yum. I’ve filled this batch with a blueberry almond filling, but you can put whatever you like in – other crushed berries mixed with almond meal, mashed banana and Nutella, cinnamon, whatever takes your fancy. I have been known to make two batches in short succession, as they really are eaten up quickly. […]

Recap Scene: The Block Gatwick Episode 36

October 5, 2018 Rosemary Walton

Challenge day and they’re all off on a helicopter to Phillip Island so they can fang around the Grand Prix track down there in some of the sponsor’s cars. Who’s going to be The Stig?

Up in the air Sara throws some shade at fellow flight attendant Courtney saying she wouldn’t understand the “high flying” of helicopter travel because she’s only an economy flight attendant. Gee whiz how to endear yourself to people. […]

Recap Scene: The Block Gatwick Episode 34

October 4, 2018 Rosemary Walton

Not sure what Jess is referring to in the opening with that statement, but I’m excited! And it’s terrace week. Home stretch.

All the contestants go through B&C’s winning guest room, and what a surprise Sara doesn’t like it. Into Jess and Norm’s room, thankfully I’m not alone but a few others are wondering why on earth there’s a hanging pot plant next to the bed – it would shit me to tears! […]

Recap Scene: The Block Gatwick Second Guest Room Reveals

October 3, 2018 Rosemary Walton

What a crazy week it’s been with two footy Grand Finals and a slew of public holidays it’s really hard to keep up. Plus! Channel 9 sent me out on a little field trip to see the magic of television making for a show that’s going to be in our lives and driving all of our gossipy work conversations come February. I’m super excited for that but back to The Gatwick. […]

Recipe Scene: Oatmeal Ganache Biscuits

October 3, 2018 Kate Delbridge

I hope Arnott’s don’t have a go at me for using their biscuit name here, but these taste remarkably like Kingstons. They have a similar oaty, golden syrupy flavor and are sandwiched together with a delicious chocolate ganache. If I’m pressed for time and don’t make the ganache drizzle with melted chocolate when they are cooked. Oh and I always make double this amount. Always. Once you taste them you’ll know why. […]

Recipe Scene: Cherry Danishes

September 26, 2018 Kate Delbridge

This is an easy, cheats version of a cherry Danish. To make proper Danishes takes quite some time – all that flaky pastry rolling and folding. For this version however I use bought puff pastry. If you’ve got the time then by all means make your own pastry, but if not a good quality butter puff pastry works really well. I make my own custard, but if pressed for time you can use shop bought. I’ve made these with cherries, but they are equally delicious with any fresh or tinned fruit. […]

Recap Scene: The Block Gatwick Episode 29

September 25, 2018 Rosemary Walton

Hang on are we going straight into judging? I’m confused… or is this just a general recap on Kerrie and Spence’s week? So it is a recap of Kerrie talking through how she’s not comfortable in knowing how to finish ‘Arty Farty’ St Kilda. Oh and there’s Scotty already. Double Oh the judges are there. Earlier than usual…? What does that mean? Someone’s going to lose it at the end of judging perhaps. […]

Guitar Scene: The Spira “Unk” Guitar

September 20, 2018 Ben Rogers

John Joseph Rogers from Millicent (South Australia) and Grace Mabel Beatrice Fitzgibbon from Williamstown (Victoria) were married in 1917. They lived in a modest weatherboard house on a vineyard in Merbein, North-West Victoria. John Rogers had purchased the virgin land and planted it with grapevines – primarily sultanas – soon after the Merbein irrigation settlement was established in 1909. John and Grace raised 13 children on the property. My father John (Jack) was the first-born, whilst the last was Kevin, born in 1931, and later to be known throughout the clan as “Unk”. […]

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