Vintage Guitar Scene: 1961 Fender Bass VI

April 17, 2018 Martin Cilia

1961 Fender Bass VI (Serial Number 70174)

Original Sixties Fender Bass VI’s are not very common here in Australia. I found this one in a guitar shop on Coogee Bay Road (not far from where I was living) and the shop’s owner had just returned from the US with this instrument. […]

Recipe Scene: Flourless Orange Syrup Cake

April 11, 2018 Kate Delbridge

This cake is super easy – once the oranges have been poached you just throw 5 ingredients in the food processor. After it has cooked you can cover it with the orange syrup, top with caramelized orange slices or dust with icing sugar. Because it’s so moist it keeps really well. Like all dessert cakes it should be served with cream and / or ice cream. Just don’t buy reduced fat cream as i accidentally did last night, as it will never thicken! […]

Recipe Scene: Splice Cake

March 28, 2018 Kate Delbridge

With lime and coconut, this cake has the flavours of my favourite icy pole. I got this recipe from a free Coles supermarket mag, and it’s a cracker. All I did to change it was adjust the cooking time as the original recipe suggested to cook the cake at 160 degrees for 2 hours, but I prefer to cook my cakes slightly higher and for less time. It’s delicious, makes a really large cake and it keeps well as it is so moist – ticks all the boxes! You can decorate it however you like. I’ve just piped circles on the top of this one, but I have also topped it with lime slices and also flaked coconut. Anything that carries on the lime/coconut theme works well. […]

Recipe Scene: Mixed Berry Pavlova Wreath

March 14, 2018 Kate Delbridge

Wreath-shaped pavs seem to be all the go at the moment. They are of course just a regular pavlova mix shaped differently. If you don’t have any raspberry essence you can just make a regular vanilla pavlova. Top with whatever fruit is in season. As a tip, make sure you measure your largest serving plate before making the wreath, you don’t want to be in the awkward position of not having a plate big enough to put the pavlova onto. I also mark out the shape I want on the back of the baking paper first – for me making an even circle shape is harder than it seems! […]

Recipe Scene: Sticky Caramel Chicken Rice Paper Rolls

February 21, 2018 Kate Delbridge

Rice paper rolls don’t really need a recipe – veggies, noodles, meat, whatever, wrapped in rice paper. However this chicken recipe is great, and adds extra depth to rice paper rolls. The veggies I’ve listed are of course just a suggestion, use whatever you have to hand. I tend not to put noodles into my rolls, but if you like you can cook up a pot of thread noodles and add them to the mix. Regarding herbs, any combination of Vietnamese mint, coriander or regular mint works really well. If you’re pressed for time and can’t make the sticky caramel mix you can just poach or pan fry the chicken thighs, or just use a BBQ chook. […]

Snap Scene: Adelaide’s First Cocktail Festival – The Espresso Martini

February 19, 2018 Mary Boukouvalas

The Espresso Martini – blame Dick Bradsell! Created in the late 1980s Soho, London. A model asked for something that would, “wake me up, and then f**k me up.” (some speculate the model was Kate Moss, others Naomi Campbell, but Bradsell has never revealed her identity.) Dick admits that the cocktail’s invention happened out of circumstance and annoyance with the coffee machine being right next to his drink’s station… and because Vodka was all the rage in the 80’s. The cocktail got so popular that we enjoy versions in bars around the world. And now… there’s a FESTIVAL! […]

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