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Snap Scene: Tex Perkins – The Man in Black, The Palais. 12th May 2018

May 18, 2018 Mandy Hall

Tex Perkins needs no introduction to Australian audiences, he is a legend within the Aussie music industry and is revered as one of the country’s rock n’ roll outlaws. It is said his affinity with Johnny Cash started in his earliest band and is an enthusiasm he hasn’t relinquished. After fronting The Cruel Sea, Beasts of Bourbon and touring with Tex, Don and Charlie and The Dark Horses, Tex Perkins has had an incredible and varied music career. […]

Snap Scene: The Mavis’s, Prince Bandroom 11th May 2018

May 16, 2018 Mandy Hall

Celebrating the 20 year anniversary of their award winning and chart topping album pink pills, The Mavis’s are hitting the road to play a limited run of shows to celebrate. Featuring songs spanning all 3 albums of their career, original members Matt, Beki and Nik will be touring together for the first time in over 15 years. Best known for their chart topping single Cry, The Mavis’s were staples on the radio and the TV in the 90s with songs such as Thunder, Lever, Puberty Song and Naughty Boy. Always hard to pigeon hole, The Mavis’s’ sound walked a tightrope between lush, layered pop, space age dub and electro, and hard edged guitar driven rock… with the duelling male female/ brother sister vocals. Their hit album Pink Pills effortlessly combined all these sounds to create one of the most eclectic and exciting albums of the nineties.  […]

Snap Scene: Caligula, Prince Bandroom 11th May 2018

May 16, 2018 Mandy Hall

Caligula is composed of five members: vocalist Ashley Rothschild, guitarist James McKinnon, drummer Dave Macken, Jamie Fonti (keyboards and backing singer), and bass guitarist Sean Fonti.

In 1994, they released the album Rubenesque and received national airplay on Triple J and Triple M with the songs “Tears of a Clown” (a remake of the Smokey Robinson & the Miracles song), “Before” and “Roundabout”. […]

Q&A Scene: Sainthill 

May 14, 2018 Mandy Hall

Folk Romantic is my third album as Sainthill – I’d spent a couple of years in the US where the songs were predominantly written, and upon returning to Melbourne in 2016 went straight into recording. The songs are an amalgamation of experiences I had living abroad, played out through odes to New Orleans, love songs for forests, and observations of person-centred romances. […]

Q&A Scene: The Tealeaves

May 7, 2018 Mandy Hall

Described by The Age as “an irresistibly winsome local indie pop outfit recalling early Simon and Garfunkel, James Taylor and even Billy Joel when writing their best stuff and firing on all acoustic cylinders” The Tealeaves is comprised of former house mates and constant friends who all embarked on their playing career just up the road at Northcote Social Club in 2009 after forming the year prior. […]

Snap Scene: You Am I plays Spinal Tap at The Corner, 23rd March 2018

March 30, 2018 Mandy Hall

“One out of every four and a half interviews has included the question ‘Have you ever had a Spinal Tap moment?’. Well sweet lord, any band worth their talc has, and we, whether on talc or not, have had more ‘Tap moments’ than liquid dinners! So, we have thrown down the gauntlet, unto ourselves, under the auspices of Montgomery Glitterbest the Third our perfectly adequate manager: why not have ONE BIG SPINAL TAP moment. And then do it again… The sounds and the smells of Tap done by our band (the looks are yours to fuss with). We love the songs of Tap, they speak of the mighty, meaty and manky elements of the Majesty Of Rock. Hip hip hooray, and so say all of us. TAP INTO AUSTRALIA!” […]

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