About Kate Delbridge
Kate works in local government as an occupational therapist but her heart is in the kitchen. When she’s not looking through cookbooks Kate gardens, reads, sees films, listens to music and catches up with mates. She loves cooking mainly because it gives her an excuse to eat.

Recipe Scene: Monte Carlos

August 16, 2017 Kate Delbridge

My kids just love Monte Carlos, so when I came across this recipe from an old Family Circle book (Step By Step biscuits and slices) we decided to give it a whirl. I’m very glad […]

Recipe Scene: Jelly Cakes

August 2, 2017 Kate Delbridge

These cakes are probably considered a little old-fashioned, but whenever I make them people get pretty excited. They can be made as a large slab cake and cut into squares like lamingtons, but I prefer […]

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